February 1, 2019
Europe/Paris timezone

This event's purpose is to register to the ESCAPE IT services:

For the latter (bold) three services, you can request an account here:

How to get an account for ChatCloudProject, Wiki?

  • register below;
  • you will receive a mail with your login an a preliminary password (manual intervention, so it can take a few hours);
  • Reset the one-time password at https://sldap.escape2020.de
    (put in the login and preliminary password, you will get a mail to approve the change, please do so);
  • Now you can log into the IT services listed above.

NB: for indico, you need to request an account at the indicopage 
(usually only necessary for coordinators).

NB-2: please contact the WG coordinator to be added to the email lists with naming scheme e-WGNAME@projectescape.eu.

Please read the data privacy statement below, you will have to consent to it during the registration.

Application for this event is currently open.