Recent developments in gravitational-wave and multi-messenger astronomy open new opportunities for a wide range of astrophysical topics, from the study of massive stars to high-redshift super-massive black holes to multi-wavelength studies of high-energy sources. The first joint meeting of the « Source populations » and « Multi-messenger Astronomy » Working Groups of the GdR Gravitational Waves will provide an opportunity to discuss these new challenges and coordinate our work in the context of upcoming missions.
The meeting will take place virtually, the Zoom link will be sent to registered participants.
We invite contributions on the topics of source populations (including evolution of massive stars, stellar-mass compact objects, super-massive black holes, populations constraints from GW observations, stochastic backgrounds) and multi-messenger astronomy (including follow-up strategies for LIGO/Virgo events and synergies between LISA and Athena).
Please submit your abstract before and register before February 28. Students and postdocs are encouraged to participate and present their work.
Invited speakers :
  • Frédéric Arenou
  • Chris Belczynski
  • Nial Tanvir
  • Marta Volonteri

Organizing committee :

  • Sylvain Chaty (APC, Paris)
  • Irina Dvorkin (IAP, Paris)
  • Olivier Godet (IRAP, Toulouse)
  • Astrid Lamberts (OCA, Nice)
  • Gilles Theureau (LPC2E, Orleans) - Chair


Application for this event is currently open.