Weekly seminars

Dark matter subhalo population in the MW: from particle models to gamma-ray point sources (remote talk)

by Gaetan Facchinetti (LUPM Montpellier)

Big Blue Button Seminar Room (Virtual seminar)

Big Blue Button Seminar Room

Virtual seminar


It is known the cold dark matter structures on scales much smaller than the size of typical galaxies. This clustering should translate into a very large population of subhalos in the Milk Way. If DM can self-annihilate, we can hope to detect some of these objects in gamma rays. I will present a semi-analytical model of the Galactic subhalo population where the smallest clustering scale is linked to the microscopic interactions of the DM particle. Eventually, using this subhalo model, I will introduce a new statistical analysis for the detectability of DM clumps as gamma-ray point sources. This method not only allows to consistently compute the detection probability of point subhalos but also gives statistical information on the most visible ones and be used to make predictions for the next generation of telescopes (e.g. CTA).