6-13 March 2010
La Thuile
Europe/Paris timezone

Preparing contributions to the proceedings

DEADLINE : May 15th, 2010

Let us thank you again for your contributions to Moriond EW, both in terms of presentation and active participation in the conference. We will make the proceedings of the conference available on the web and will edit them as a book as quickly as possible.

In case you do not use LaTeX, please comply to the general typesetting instructions which can be found here. LaTeX users will find instructions, a style file and a template file below.

We remind you that the deadline for proceedings submission is May 15.

May we ask you to upload your paper, both source files (LaTeX, etc.) and the processed version (pdf, postscript) to this indico server. As a contributor, you should have received an email telling you that material submission rights have been granted to you. If you do not have a login yet and in order to use these rights, please register in the Indico system. If you already registered previously (i.e. Moriond 2007,8 or 9), or have a cern nice account, you might already have an active login. The link for uploading your contribution is : http://indico.in2p3.fr/myconference.py?confId=2065 ) ,

BUT please remember that IN ANY CASE a PDF version must  ALSO be sent to Vera de Sa-Varanda.

Email : varanda@lpnhe.in2p3.fr

May we also suggest that you submit your contribution to the proceedings as an eprint to the arXiv.org repository.
This will ensure a long-term web persistence of your paper. Inform us of the submission number to AirXiv, by sending a mail to the secretary (specify that your proceedings are for the Moriond 2010 EW session)

Number of pages :

As to the length of the contribution, you are allowed :

  • 4 pages for talks shorter or equal to 10' (young scientist forum for example),
  • 2 pages per 5 min for talks longer than 10', i.e.
    15 min presentation + questions --> 6 pages
    20 min presentation + questions --> 8 pages
    ... etc...
  • Summary speakers, please contact us.

Typesetting instructions and templates

The LaTeX and non-LaTeX typesetting instructions , style and template files can be found here

Should you have any further questions, please contact us at  varanda@lpnhe.in2p3.fr
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