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Rencontres de Moriond EW 2010
de samedi 6 mars 2010 (08:30) à samedi 13 mars 2010 (12:00)

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       : Breaks
dimanche 7 mars 2010
lundi 8 mars 2010
mardi 9 mars 2010
mercredi 10 mars 2010
jeudi 11 mars 2010
vendredi 12 mars 2010
samedi 13 mars 2010
The Higgs at TeVatron (until 12:00)
08:30  Higgs production: higher orders and finite top mass - Robert Harlander (Bergische Universitaet Wuppertal)  
09:00  Low Mass SM Higgs - Wade Fisher (Michigan State University, USA)  
09:20  High mass SM Higgs - Richard St Denis (University of Glasgow)  
09:40  The Higgs at the Tevatron: the production rates and their uncertainties - Abdelhak Djouadi (LPT Orsay/CERN)  
09:55 --- break ---
10:10  Non-commutative approach :pre-and post-dictions - Thomas Schucker (Centre de Physique Theorique, Marseille)  
10:30  Higgs Coupling Determination at the LHC - Michael Rauch (Univ. Karlsruhe, KIT)  
10:55  Tevatron Results on BSM Higgs Searches - Miguel Vidal (CIEMAT)  
LHC future findings (until 12:00)
08:30  The Next-to-Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model - Ulrich Ellwanger (LPT Orsay)  
08:55  Experimental signatures of extra dimensions at the LHC - Marc Besancon (CEA-Saclay/DSM/Irfu/SPP)  
09:15  Higgless Review - John Terning (UC Davis)  
09:45 --- break ---
10:00  Simple Z' in the early LHC - Giovanni Villadoro (CERN)  
10:20  Yukawa-unified SUSY - Sabine Kraml (LPSC Grenoble)  
10:40  Beyond the Minimal Composite Higgs Model - Ben Gripaios (CERN)  
Standard Model and beyond (until 12:00)
08:30  Wmass,W and Z properties(Tevatron) - Marco Rescigno  
08:50  Top Quark Production at the Tevatron - Alison Lister (Université de Genève)  
09:10  Top Quark Properties at the Tevatron - Yvonne Peters (University of Manchester)  
09:30  Measuring the running top-quark mass - Peter Uwer (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)  
09:50 --- break ---
10:10  Diboson Production at the Tevatron - Ia Iashvili (SUNY Buffalo)  
10:30  Tevatron Searches for New Physics with Leptons - Jonathan Hays  
10:50  Isolated leptons at HERA - Amita Raval  
11:05  EW Measurements at High Q2 at HERA - Stanislav Shushkevich (MPIM)  
Rare processes as probes of beyond the SM (until 12:00)
08:30  Searches for New Physics in Upsilon Decays - Steven Robertson (IPP/McGill)  
08:50  Lepton universality and searches for lepton flavor violation - Elisa Guido (University and INFN Genova)  
09:10  Lepton universality NA62 - Evgeny Goudzofski  
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09:30  Kaon physics in the NA62 era - Christopher Smith (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)  
09:50  First results from the MEG experiment for the search of the Lepton Flavour Violating decay mu+ -> e+ gamma - Elisabetta Baracchini (University of California Irvine)  
10:10 --- break ---
10:25  CP phases in leptonic flavour violation - Miha Nemevsek (University of Hamburg)  
10:45  The Current Status of g-2 - Bogdan MALAESCU (LAL, Orsay, FRANCE)  
11:05  NMSSM Low Energy Effects - Florian DOMINGO (Institut fuer Theoretische Teilchenphysik - Karlsruhe)  
Neutrinos, Dark Matter (until 12:05)
08:30  Dark matter detection in the BMSSM - Nicolás BERNAL (CFTP - IST)  
08:55  Recent Results from CDMS - Lauren Hsu (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)  
09:15  First EDELWEISS-II results - Silvia Scorza (Institut de Physique Nucléaire de Lyon (IPNL))  
09:35  Determining WIMP parameters from direct detection experiments - Anne Green (University of Nottingham)  
09:55  SO(10) Dark Matter and Electroweak Symmetry Breaking - Kristjan Kannike (NICPB, Estonia)  
10:15 --- break ---
10:30  Status of the T2K experiment - Kodai Matsuoka (Kyoto University)  
10:50  Recent results from MiniBooNE: update on low-energy excess and cross-section measurements - Bari Osmanov (University of Florida)  
11:10  SciBooNE and other neutrino cross section measurements - Masashi Yokoyama (University of Tokyo)  
Neutrinos (cont) (until 12:00)
08:30  NA61-SHINE: Hadron production measurements for neutrino/cosmic rays experiments - Nicolas Abgrall (University of Geneva, DPNC)  
08:50  OPERA - Dario Autiero (IPN Lyon, France)  
09:10  Recent Results and Prospects from MINOS - Gwenaelle Lefeuvre (University of Sussex)  
09:30  Supernova Neutrinos - a collective revolution of sorts - Basudeb Dasgupta (Max Planck Institute for Physics)  
09:50  Results from SuperK - Satoru Yamada (Institute for Cosmic Ray Research, the University of Tokyo)  
10:10 --- break ---
10:30  Detecting dark matter with IceCube - Sven Lafebre (Dept. of Physics, Pennsylvania State University)  
10:50  Neutrino Properties from Large Neutrino Telescopes - Irina Mocioiu (Pennsylvania State University)  
Summary talks (until 10:30)
09:00  Summary - Theory - Belen Gavela (Madrid autonoma Univ.Spain)  
09:50  Summary -Experiment - Paul Grannis (Stony Brook University, USA)  
The LHC start-up (until 20:30)
17:00  The LHC machine status - Jorg Wenninger (CERN)  
17:30  Running status and first results from LHCb - Wouter Hulsbergen (Nikhef)  
18:00  CMS experiment status & first results - Martijn Mulders (CERN)  
18:30 --- break ---
18:45  First Results of ATLAS - Jean-Francois Arguin (Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory)  
19:15  Higgs look-alikes at the LHC - Christopher Rogan (California Institute of Technology)  
19:35  Road Map for Discoveries at the Hadron Colliders - Peter Jenni (CERN)  
Flavour Physics (until 20:30)
17:00  CKM sides - Phillip Urquijo  
17:20  Status of CKM Angle Measurements, a report from BaBar and BELLE. - Owen Long (University of California Riverside)  
17:40  $D^0 - \bar{D}^0$ mixing and charm $CP$ violation. - Jordi Garra Ticó (Universitat de Barcelona)  
18:00  B decays with tau lepton in the final state at Belle - maria rozanska (H. Niewodniczanski Institute of Nuclear Physics)  
18:20 --- break ---
18:40  Lattice QCD and Flavour Physics - Federico Mescia (Universitat de Barcelona)  
19:05  Strange Beauty and other Beasts from Υ(5S) at Belle - Kay Kinoshita (University of Cincinnati)  
19:25  Mixing and Delta Gamma_s (Tevatron) - Mark Williams  
19:45  Recent Results from CLEO-c - Peter Onyisi (University of Chicago)  
Standard Model and beyond (until 19:30)
17:20  Cornering the Higgs at LEP - Kyle Cranmer  
17:35  Tevatron searches: New Physics with photons and jets - Ben Brau  
17:55  Gauge mediation : mass patterns review - Alberto Mariotti (VUB)  
18:15 --- break ---
18:30  Non-standard SUSY spectra in gauge mediation - Stéphane Lavignac (IPhT Saclay)  
18:50  Higgs in MSSM with dim-5 and 6 operators - Igniatios Antoniadis (Ecole Polytechnique Centre de Physique Theorique (CPHT))  
Young Scientist Forum 1 (until 20:30)
19:40  The W mass at D0 - sahal Yacoob  
19:47  egamma results with early data on behalf of the ATLAS collaboration - Henso ABREU (LAL-Orsay)  
19:54  Extraction of the Phi(1020)->KK signal with early CMS data - Luca Perrozzi (Padova & INFN)  
20:01  Luminosity measurement at LHCb - Plamen Hopchev (LAPP)  
20:15  Tree Level Gauge Mediation - Marco Nardecchia (SISSA)  
20:20  Search for the Higgs boson production in dilepton plus missing energy final states at DZero - Davide Gerbaudo (Princeton University)  
Rare processes, Neutrinos (until 19:00)
17:00  Toward a sub-ppm measurement of $G_F$ - David Webber (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)  
17:20  Final results for muon decay parameters from TWIST - Glen Marshall (TRIUMF)  
17:40  EW rare decays (Belle) - Alex Bondar  
18:00  FCNC, lifetimes, rare decays (Tevatron) - Sneha Malde  
18:20 --- break ---
18:35  Search for neutrinoless double beta decay: from NEMO-3 to SuperNEMO - YURI SHITOV (Imperial College London)  
Young Scientist Forum 2 (until 20:30)
19:10  Tracking performance in V0 reconstruction with first data at LHCb - Sascha Stahl (Physikalisches Institut Heidelberg)  
19:17  Measuring the J/Psi Production Cross Section with CMS - Luca Martini (Pisa)  
19:25  Strategy for an early observation of the $ZZ^(*)$ di-boson production in four-lepton final states - Daniele Trocino (Università di Torino, INFN Torino)  
19:32  Optimization of the electron reconstruction and identification in ATLAS experiment and implications on the Higgs to 4 electrons analysis. - Fany Dudziak (Laboratoire de l'Accélérateur Linéaire)  
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19:39  The ATLAS discovery reach for SUSY models with early data - Janet Dietrich (University of Freiburg)  
19:46  New Physics bounds from CKM-unitarity - Martin Gonzalez-Alonso (Universidad de Valencia)  
19:53  Muon identification in the LHCb experiment - Xabier Cid Vidal (USC - IGFAE)  
20:00  Sensitivity of T2KK to NSI in propagation - Haruna Oki (Tokyo Metropolitan University)  
20:07  The fine tuning guide for SUSY searches - Sebastian Cassel Cassel (Oxford University)  
20:15  MSSM Forcast for the LHC - Maria Cabrera  
Neutrinos (until 18:00)
17:00  Measuring Terrestrial and Solar Neutrinos with KamLAND - Patrick Decowski (Nikhef)  
17:20  Latest Results from SNO: The Low Energy Threshold Analysis - Olivier Simard (CEA-Saclay)  
17:45 --- break ---
Young Scientist Forum 3 (until 19:30)
18:00  Pion production from 30 GeV p+C at SHINE - first results - Sebastien Murphy  
18:05  Lepton and Slepton mass matrices from $\Delta(54)$ symmetry - Hajime Ishimori (Niigata university)  
Paper unknown type file pdf file Slides pdf file figure unknown type filedown arrow
18:13  Electron Neutrino Appearance Analysis at T2K - Joshua Albert (Duke University)  
18:21  Probing Dark Matter with AGN Jets - Lorenzo Ubaldi (University of California, Santa Cruz)  
18:29  Directional detection of galactic Dark Matter - Julien Billard (LPSC Grenoble)  
18:37  One-loop Corrections to WIMP Annihilation Mediated by Boson with Finite Mass - Keiko Nagao (Nagoya University)  
18:45  Simulation of Antineutrino Rate From SONGS Reactor With DRAGON - Christopher Jones (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)  
18:53  Magnetic moment induced transition of neutrino between different mass states in matter - Alexey Lokhov (Graduate student)  
19:01  Dark Matter - but no Higgs - at the LHC? - Alexander Knochel (Uni Freiburg)  
Dark Matter, Astroparticles, Axions (until 20:30)
17:00  Results from the ANITA Search for Ultra-High Energy Neutrinos - Abigail Vieregg (UCLA)  
17:20  Results from the Pierre Auger Observatory on Astroparticle Physics - Sofia Andringa (LIP)  
17:45  Dark Matter Constraints with the First Year of Fermi LAT Data - Tomi Ylinen (Royal Institute of Technology (KTH))  
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18:10  Higgs in Space - Geraldine Servant (CERN)  
18:30 --- break ---
18:50  Axions and the transparency of the Universe - Malcolm Fairbairn (King's College London)  
19:10  Light through the wall (axions) : ALPS and review - Klaus Ehret (DESY)  
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