6-13 March 2010
La Thuile
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Dark Matter Constraints with the First Year of Fermi LAT Data

12 Mar 2010, 17:45
La Thuile

La Thuile

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Mr Tomi Ylinen (Royal Institute of Technology (KTH))


Our understanding of the Universe today includes overwhelming observational evidence for the existence of an elusive form of matter that is generally referred to as dark. Although many theories have been developed to describe its nature, very little is actually known about its properties. The launch of the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope in 2008 opened a new window for the indirect experimental search for dark matter through high-energy gamma-rays. The principal instrument onboard, the Large Area Telescope (LAT), is designed to measure gamma-rays with energies ranging from 20 MeV to more than 300 GeV. The first year of Fermi LAT data has allowed for a large variety of dark matter searches and we present here a review of the results from the different analyses.

Primary author

Mr Tomi Ylinen (Royal Institute of Technology (KTH))

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