Lessons on Group Theory for Particle Physicists (1/10)

by Paul SORBA (LAPTh)

Petit Amphi (Site d'Annecy)

Petit Amphi

Site d'Annecy

LAPTh/LAPP 9, Chemin de Bellevue Annecy-le-Vieux 74941 ANNECY

The aim of this series of lessons is to provide a basic knowledge on symmetries for particle physicists.

Preliminary plan includes:
- Elements of group theory
- Lie groups and Lie algebras
- Classification of semi-simple Lie algebras
- Representations of simple lie algebras.
The main applications will mainly deal with Gauge Theory (Standard Model and GUTs) and Spectroscopy of Elementary Particles.
If time allows, some aspects of crystallographic groups (sometimes used today in neutrino physics models) as well as of infinite dimensional groups (for conformal field theory or string theory) will be mentioned

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