6 February 2020
Europe/Paris timezone

Welcome to the first workshop dedicated to Fink, a framework enabling a wide range of applications, services, and users to connect and process large streams of alerts issued from several telescopes all over the world.

The workshop contains short presentations about the goals and the status of the project, tutorials detailing how to interact with Fink, and hands-on activities where the participants will learn how to build their own alert stream filters.

How to reach the room

The workshop will be held at IJCLab (ex-LAL, building 200), room 101. IJCLab is a laboratory situated on the Orsay Campus, 30km south from Paris center.

  • From Paris to Orsay: From Paris center, take the RER B southward (Saint-Rémy-Lès-Chevreuse direction). Stop at Orsay-ville station.
  • From Orsay RER station to IJCLab: Google Maps direction. It is a 15min walk inside the campus. Ask for LAL or building 200 if you are lost.
  • In IJCLab: Enter the building (you might have to ring), and turn right. Pass 3 doors until you find a stairway on your left. Climb the stairs and the room 101 is located at the top of the stairs on the right.

Before starting

You will find instructions in the dedicated repository for the workshop: fink-client-tutorial. Do not hesitate to contact us if you encounter problems for the installation.

Building 200 (ex-LAL) - room 101
Where the LSST-France meeting took place the days before.