Theory Journal Club

Simulation of fermion pair bremsstrahlung in decays

by Serge Antropov (Cracow University | Poland)

salle des fourmis (LAPTh)

salle des fourmis



I present results for final state emissions of lepton pairs in decays of $\gamma/Z$ boson by PHOTOS and compare to the ones by KORALW. Full $e^+e^-\rightarrow \gamma/Z \rightarrow ll$ matrix element is installed into PHOTOS and full agreement between PHOTOS and KORALW is reached. Further work is needed for generalization of this matrix element in order to make it cover other initial states processes. Modifications to PHOTOS pair emission kernel are considered. I present tests and results of electron-positron pair emission from initial and from final state of decay $\tau\rightarrow\mu(e)\nu\overline{\nu}$ by TAUOLA.