Séminaires LLR

Direct Dark Matter Search with XENON Project

by Mr Luca Scotto Lavina (LPNHE)

Salle de conférence (LLR)

Salle de conférence


Understanding the properties of dark matter particle is a fundamental
problem in particle physics and cosmology. Its Direct Detection (the
search of dark matter particle scattering off nuclei target using
ultra-low background detector) is one of the most promising technology
to decipher the nature of dark matter. Dual phase Liquid Xenon TPCs, in
particular with the XENON1T detector, have done much to push the
sensitivity bounds for detection of a broad range of WIMP masses, from
O(100)MeV up to the TeV scale, by combining different analysis
techniques. This talk gives the analysis and results from XENON1T
experiment, showing its rich potential, also extrapolating it to the
future upgraded XENONnT experiment which will start commissioning in
Spring 2020.