Quantum Computing

Bogdan Vulpescu (Laboratoire de Physique de Clermont)
Quantum Computing - an introduction for computing scientists

Performing computing and solving problems using the quantum behaviour of the 
systems is an old dream. For example, the exponential complexity of the 
many-body problems needs exponentially increasing computing resources, but 
becomes linear when using registers of qubits (which can be manipulated 
synchronously through unitary operators). Beyond specific situations related 
to solving problems in quantum mechanics, the idea appeared that it could be 
possible to perform generic computing (beginning with the elementary 
operations) and move forward from the "classical" computers we have been using 
those last decades. 

The seminar addresses the aspects of the programming paradigm related to 
the quantum computing, since there is an increasing interest from the 
community of computing scientists, programmers and administrators. At the same, 
time, there is a legitimate preoccupation regarding the evolution of those 
professions, in particular at IN2P3 and a desire to join the (theoretical) 
research effort expressed clearly at the level of the European Community.
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