18-20 November 2019
Meudon, France
Europe/Paris timezone

Thanks to the advent of gravitational wave astronomy (LIGO, Virgo, KAGRA, LISA), as well as to high-angular-resolution observations of black hole vicinity (EHT, VLTI/GRAVITY), new tests of gravity in the strong field regime are becoming available. They offer the potentiality to discriminate between general relativity and alternative theories (generically designed as modified gravity) that are currently developed, notably to address the issue of dark energy in cosmology. This workshop is devoted to the properties of compact objects (black holes, neutron stars, boson stars, etc.) in these theories.


  • Aurélien Barrau (Grenoble, France)
  • Jibril Ben Achour (Kyoto, Japan)
  • Chiara Caprini (Paris, France) (TBC)
  • Marco Crisostomi (Trieste, Italy)
  • Roberto Emparan (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Anastasia Golubtsova (Dubna, Russia)
  • Panagiota Kanti (Ioannina, Greece)
  • Kostas Kokkotas (Tübingen, Germany)
  • Christian Krueger (Tübingen, Germany)
  • David Langlois (Paris, France)
  • Antoine Lehébel (Nottingham, United Kingdom)
  • Raissa Mendes (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil)
  • Jordan Nicoules (Meudon, France)
  • Vasilisa Nikoforova (Bures-sur-Yvette, France)
  • Nikolaos Stergioulas (Thessaloniki, Greece)
  • Karim Van Aelst (Meudon, France)

Organisers :

  • Laura Bernard (LUTH, Meudon)
  • Christos Charmousis (LPT Orsay)
  • Eric Gourgoulhon (LUTH, Meudon)
  • Philippe Grandclément (LUTH, Meudon)
  • Marie Marduel (LUTH, Meudon)
  • Karim Noui (Institut Denis Poisson, Tours)

Support: CNRS (80 Prime project TNENGRAV), Observatoire de Paris (CIAS)

Meudon, France
Salle de conférence du CIAS
Centre International d'Ateliers Scientifiques Observatoire de Paris 5 Place Jules Janssen 92190 Meudon (see Access to CIAS below)

Access to CIAS (building no. 9 on the map)

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