UNIONS CFIS/Pan-STARRS Collaboration Meeting 2019

Amphitheatre (Observatoire Astronomique de Strasbourg)


Observatoire Astronomique de Strasbourg

11 rue de l'Université 67000 Strasbourg France

Our joint survey, the Ultraviolet Near-Infrared Optical Northern Survey (UNIONS), is reaching maturity: this 3rd meeting will be primarily focused on ongoing science activities, to share ideas and foster new ones to push the envelope further! We are planning three full days in the large amphitheater of the Observatoire Astronomique de Strasbourg so all attendees can give an oral presentation of their work if they wish to do so. Please fill the abstract form before mid-September: a title and a couple of sentences will be enough to build the program which will be published later that month.

3nd meeting of the UNIONS CFIS/Pan-STARRS collaboration
  • Alan McConnachie
  • Amaël Ellien
  • Annie Robin
  • Ariane Lançon
  • Axel Guinot
  • Benoit Famaey
  • Connor Bottrell
  • Eugene Magnier
  • Guillaume Thomas
  • Jaclyn Jensen
  • Jan Luca van den Busch
  • Jean-Charles Cuillandre
  • Jean-Luc Starck
  • Ken Chambers
  • Martin Kilbinger
  • Mike Hudson
  • Nicholas Fantin
  • Nicolas Martin
  • Pierre-Alain Duc
  • Raphael Gavazzi
  • Rashi Jain
  • Raymond Carlberg
  • Robert Bickley
  • Rodrigo Ibata
  • Samuel Farrens
  • Sara Ellison
  • Sebastien Fabbro
  • Stephen Gwyn
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