Séminaires LLR

Probing extended Higgs and Dark Sectors with b-jets at the LHC

by Matthias Saimpert (CERN)

Salle de Conférence 05-2021 (LLR)

Salle de Conférence 05-2021



The top quark is more than forty times heavier than the next heaviest fermion included in
the standard model of particle physics. This large mass makes it a very sensitive probe to particles
with Yukawa-like interactions. This includes Higgs bosons, but also a large variety of new particles
predicted by theories beyond the standard model and connected to the dark sector. By virtue of the
t → bW branching ratio being close to 100%, top quarks at the LHC are inferred by the presence of
hadronic jets initiated by b-quarks, called b-jets, in the final state. I will introduce b-jet identification at
the LHC and show how we currently use it to study the coupling of the Higgs boson to third-generation
fermions and probe the dark sector. I will highlight the importance of b-jet identification for the
future steps of the LHC physics program and discuss the main experimental challenges.