Séminaires LLR

Future observations of the primordial, polarized Cosmic Microwave Background: expected science and challenges

by Mr Josquin Errard (APC)

salle de conférence (LLR)

salle de conférence



Testing inflation has become one of the main goals in observational cosmology, and one of the scientific priorities for the new generation of Cosmic Microwave Background projects. A race to more sensitive focal planes, combined to a high control of the instrumental and astrophysical systematic effects, is at play across the globe. In this talk, I will review some of the current and future observational efforts which are all aiming at detecting the inflationary, primordial gravitational waves. I will provide more details on one of them: the Simons Observatory, which will achieve its first light in 2021. I will finally illustrate some of the current challenge that the scientific community has to face, and its plans to overcome them.