Theory Journal Club

Collider signatures of seesaw mechanism

by Sujay Shil (IOP Bhubaneshwar (India))

Auditorium (LAPTh)




We have studied the discovery prospects of heavy right-handed neutrino at the leptonic collider. The right-handed neutrino can decay to charged lepton and W boson. If the right-handed neutrino mass is of the order of TeV or more then the decay product of W boson collimated and produce fatjet in the case of hadronic W decay. Fatjet signature enhanced our signal sensitivity compare to traditional search. In type-II seesaw model apart from standard model Higgs boson five other scalar bosons are there. One of them is doubly charge Higgs. For some parameter region, this doubly charge Higgs boson decay to pair of two W-boson. If the mass of this doubly charge Higgs is of the order of TeV then the two W-pair will be boosted. In that case, we have two fatjet from the decay of doubly charge Higgs. Here we used the jet-substructure technique to tag each W boson. Which enhances signal efficiency.


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