Theory Journal Club

Features of Multipartite Dark Matter

by Purusottam Ghosh (IIT Guwahari (India))

Auditorium (LAPTh)




Single component dark matter (DM) frameworks (particularly those in Weakly Interacting Mas-
sive particle (WIMP) paradigm) are getting tightly constrained by non-observation in direct search
experiments. We show that in presence of multipartite DM frameworks, involving scalars and/or
fermions, thanks to DM-DM interactions and co-annihilation e ects, direct search constraints can
be evaded to some extent allowing a larger available parameter space to be explored. In some cer-
tain cases, it may also help in elucidating a signal excess at Large Hadron Collider (LHC). When
such DM model(s) inherit additional right handed neutrinos to address correct neutrino masses,
high scale vacuum stability put further constraints to streamline the predictions.

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