Analysis meeting BT2018-09 #5

Vincent Boudry (Vidyo)

Vincent Boudry


Vincent Boudry (LLR - École polytechnique, CNRS/IN2P3)

Part: Adrián, Taikan, Yu, Vincent.

Commissioning Paper to be submitted to NIM  [@Adrian]

  • Author list to be ordered by city, à la CALICE.

A possible additional plot to illustrate uniformity of boards: 

  • Ped-⟨Ped⟩ASIC should remove the ASIC dispersion (compensated by global thr.)
    and show only internal dispersion (not corrected (SK2) or to be adjusted (SK2a)).

Bandgap measurement

  • Jérôme has measured the BandGap on the long slab SK2 chips, and found a dispersion ~0.1V
    (for nominal value of 2.5).  This can partly explain the behaviour of the Long Slab response to mip (analysis by Sasha and Fred).
  • Measurement on SK2a ?
    • Not yet (Taikan) → on test board ?
    • On FEV13 by Jérôme ?

SK2a production 2019

  • The production of AMS035 will stop at the end of 2019.
    CMS-HGCAL has requested an additional production of HGROC;
    this implies a side production of SK2a.
    That will be the last before we have SK3-like chips.
  • How many chips are needed for:
    • Double Long SLab [@LLR]: 2×128+15% cont. = ~300 chips
    • COB testing [@LAL] = ?
    • FEV13 [@Kyushu] = ?

Data availability:

  • All data have been copied to EOS;
    • they still need to be processed (last processing. done on lxplus).
  • elog is still unavailable: @Vincent: to be corrected ASAP!

Testing of FEV13 [Master thesis of Yu Miura, see slides]

  • 4 ASU13 + 1 ASU11 (#17) in a stack → cosmics
  • MPV vs Si Thickness shows an intercept to a null signal at 97.2±0.8μm.
    This hints at an inactive region of ~100μm.
    HPK people claim it should be ~25% of the Si thickness.
  • Are 650μm wafers fully depleted @ 150 V ?
    • Test with 90Sr source hints at almost no difference between 150 and 250V: 1% var on the average response (maybe due to increase of leakage current?).
    • Comparison of 57Co and 133Ba sources response to cosmics
      • OK for 320μm
      • difference of ~7-8% for 650μm (lesser response from sources).
        • @Yu: does this estimate includes the 100μm non-active region of wafers ?
          This should make things worse.
  • Possibility to test with 550μm wafers ?

BT2019-06 @ DESY:

  • 2 weeks @ T24/1: 24/06–07/07
  • Test of FEV13 ?
  • AIDA-2020 support ? Prob not. @Vincent:  will check.


  • @Kyushu: Yu will defend master thesis on next week
    • will still be around for paper redaction ~ 1 month ?
  • @LAL: Éloïse will continue for her master thesis → COB analysis
  • @LLR:
    • Sasha continues BT analysis for his master thesis. Main topic: EM showers.
    • Possible PhD student (Jonas) will be at ILD meeting @ KEK


  • Next meeting: Feb 20th, 9:30 (CET) / 17:30 (JST)
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    • 09:30 09:40
      Publication status 10m
    • 09:40 09:45
      Data availability 5m
    • 09:45 10:00
      Progess on Analyses 15m