Kick-off meeting TB 2015



Poll for shifters

Participants: V. Balagura (LLR), V. Boudry (LLR), R. Poechl (LAL), D. Zerwas (LAL), J-Y. Hostachy (LPSC), A. Lleres (LPSC), D. Lacour (LPNHE), T. Suehara (Kyushu), Ch. Ochando (LLR), Y Sirois (LLR), S. Paganis (?), R. Russack (Minnesota).

A summary of the physics program, and technical advancement was done.

The (preliminary) physics program will consist of 2-3 days of high intensity muon beam used to calibrate and adjust the thresholds to the noise conditions, followed by the measurement of HE EM core after 5 X0 at different energies to explore the dynamic range of the devices (1–2500 mips), with as little material between the layers.
Response to HE hadrons after a Lambda will allow to check for the presence fo SEU with this electronics. With sufficient sensors (≥5), a mini-CAL could be arranged with interleaved sensors and W plates.

At the request of the Kyushu group an additionnal set-up to read baby (4×4 cells) wafer could be added in the back or at the front.  Drawings and caracteristics of the device have to be provided.

Four (4) ASsembly Units (ASU) have been prepared and 3 are being readout out in a Cosmic Bench using versatile test plates, without permanent connection between the electronics cards. A 4th plate is being prepared. 3 other ASU will be glued in the coming weeks.  The assembly in full cassettes will be tested within 2 weeks, first with glass-equipped ASU; once validated with real (silicon-equipped) ASU. A missing debugging signal has prevented the full running in operation, but it will be removed from requirements in future running.

The HW, FW and low level SW have been running for months and are stable.  Middle SW (run DB, Event Building, online monitoring) is being tested. Higher level analysis is being adapted.

A first estimation of need in manpower and shifter have been presented. It will be circulated for each group to refine participation. It was asked to return the names within to week in order to fill the AIDA-2020 TransNational Access demand which can pay for up-to 80 days of stay.

A doodle page has been set-up at

Training and praparatory Analysis meeting will be organised within a month.
These test will not be labelled as CALICE, as they concern only piece of prototypes. This will also allow non-CALICE members to participate and sign the analysis papers; good will and practise are expected from all partners.

An intermediate point will be made in 3 weeks from now to finalize the participations and report on the visit of the hall.

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      Support for SiW-ECAL BT2015 Kick-off meeting 40m
      Speaker: Vincent Boudry (LLR - École polytechnique, CNRS/IN2P3)