Weekly seminars

Dark matter searches with cosmic rays in the light of AMS-02

by Alessandro Cuoco (LAPTh)

Petit Amphi (LAPTh)

Petit Amphi


9 chemin de Bellevue 74940 Annecy

Dark matter, an elusive component permeating the Cosmos, has been observed, so far, only through its gravitational effects. A complementary mean to investigate  dark matter is through  indirect searches via cosmic rays. In particular, in the talk, I will focus on the case of cosmic-ray antiprotons, which have been recently measured by the AMS-02 experiment with high precision. I will discuss the results of a recent analysis where we use the new data and we interpret them within the framework  of a new updated cosmic-ray propagation model consistent with the AMS-02 data. Interestingly, the analysis show a significant  hint for the presence of  a dark matter particle with  mass of about 100 GeV and annihilation cross section close to the thermal relic value. Finally, I will discuss possible systematic effects and the work required to address them.

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