Spyridon Argyropoulos, "Search for Dark Energy with the LHC"


Abstract: Dark energy, the apparent accelerated expansion of the universe, constitutes one of the biggest mysteries in cosmology and particle physics. Since its discovery, 20 years ago, several astronomical observations and laboratory measurements have been performed in order to elucidate its nature. The talk will discuss how collider experiments can be used to provide complementary information on the nature of dark energy. We will present the first constraints on an effective field theory model of dark energy obtained by a search for light scalar particles produced in association with a pair of top quarks or jets, using the ATLAS detector. These results provide the most stringent constraints on the scale of disformal interactions between dark energy and Standard Model matter, improving the constraints obtained from cosmological and solar system tests by several orders of magnitude. We will also discuss about the future prospects of these searches at the LHC.


Keywords/Mots clés: ATLAS, LHC Run 2, Exotics/Exotique, Dark Energy/Energie Noire

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