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The physics program of Belle II experiment: highlight of B2TiP book

by Emi KOU (LAL)

9109 (Dpt Physique)


Dpt Physique

The Belle II experiment, which has just observed the first collision, will take data for the coming decade, targeting 50 times more integrated luminosity comparing to the first generation of B factory experiments. The physics scope of Belle II experiment is widespread, including B physics CP violation and rare decays, D meson and tau lepton physics as well as spectroscopy of the quarkonium(-like) states. We have been working since last 4 years to write a book summarising the highlight of the Belle II physics in the framework of Belle II Theory interface Platform (B2TiP). In this talk, we will make a brief review of the B2TiP book to overview the physics goal of the Belle II experiment. We will also review the physics case of the French Belle II group, which enter the collaboration in 2017.