10-12 October 2018
Europe/Paris timezone

GET electronics for ACTAR TPC

10 Oct 2018, 15:00



Université de Bordeaux 48 Rue Pierre Noailles, 33400 TALENCE


Jérôme Giovinazzo (CENBG CNRS / Univ. Bordeaux)


The ACTAR TPC is a Time Projection Chamber developed for fundamental nuclear physics studies. It results from the joint efforts to build a second generation detector that addresses the physics for which the MAYA detector (nuclear reaction and structure studies) and the CENBG TPC (exotic decay and proton emission studies) were previously developed. In addition to specific developments concerning the ACTAR TPC collection plane and active volume, the device is equipped with the GET electronics. After the realization of demonstrator detectors, the final detectors (2 geometries for the same principles) are now almost completed.
In the presentation, we focus on the characteristics of the detector, especially with respect to what can be achieved with the GET electronics, in terms of particle tracks and energy analysis. The tests performed on the output data and applied the demonstrators test measurement will be shown. Some in-beam commissioning (at GANIL) has also been performed.
Finally, this presentation is also an opportunity to illustrate issues or problems that we are still facing with the GET electronics.

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