6-8 juin 2018
University of Toronto
Fuseau horaire US/Eastern

Last year's meeting was a great success, and that was before we had really started! This year's meeting will be a great opportunity to discuss your ongoing projects with colleagues, to learn what others are working on, to find out more about some of the opportunities provided by CFIS, and to kick-start new projects and new collaborations.

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University of Toronto
Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics at U of T 50 St. George Street (Room 101) Toronto, Ontario, Canada

SOC: The CFIS Steering Group [PI France - Jean-Charles Cuillandre, PI Canada - Alan McConnachie; Science leads: Mike Hudson (CFIS-r) & Rodrigo Ibata (CFIS-u); Data Management: Stephen Gwyn; Canadian members at large: Michael Balogh & Ray Carlberg; French members at large: Vanessa Hill, Raphael Gavazzi, Yannick Mellier]

LOC: Ray Carlberg

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