Flavor Physics and Flavor Anomalies in Minimal Fundamental Partial Compositeness

30 Aug 2018, 15:15
Salle Fontannes (Lyon)

Salle Fontannes


Bat. Darwin, Campus la Doua


Anders Thomsen


I would like to present the paper of the same name, written in collaboration with F. Sannino, P. Stangl, and D. Straub. I will breifly review the Fundamental Partial Compositeness framework which is a realistic model for composite dynamics. I then present our analysis of the falvor physics in the minimal model. In particular the analysis finds parameter points that pass the current precision tests. At the same time the new physics contribution to the flavor physics is found to be testable at both current and future experiments. I will pay particular attention the hints of lepton flavor violation in the R_{K^{(\ast)}} and R_{D^{(\ast)}} observables.

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