Top LHC France 2018

from Wednesday, 23 May 2018 (14:00) to Friday, 25 May 2018 (15:00)
LPNHE Paris (Amphi Charpak) (Amphitéatre Charpak)

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23 May 2018
24 May 2018
25 May 2018
Top and Higgs 2 -Dr Frédéric Déliot (CEA-Saclay) Lorenzo Feligioni (CPPM) (until 10:30) (Amphitéatre Charpak)
09:00 ttH(->bb) - Dr Timothée Theveneaux-Pelzer (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DE))   (Amphitéatre Charpak)
09:20 FCNC Top->Higgs in ATLAS and CMS, focussing to H->yy - daniel FOURNIER (LAL-Orsay-F91405 France)   (Amphitéatre Charpak)
09:40 Discussions   (Amphitéatre Charpak)
10:30 --- Coffee break ---
Top BSM 1 -Dr Frédéric Déliot (CEA-Saclay) Samuel Calvet (LPC) (until 12:30) (Amphitéatre Charpak)
11:20 top and dark matter: theoretical review - ANDREAS GOUDELIS (LPTHE - Paris)   (Amphitéatre Charpak)
11:40 top and dark matter: experimental review - Sabine Crépé-Renaudin (LPSC Grenoble; IN2P3-CNRS)   (Amphitéatre Charpak)
12:00 Discussions   (Amphitéatre Charpak)
TOP BSM 3 - Benjamin Fuks (LPTHE Paris) Sabine Crépé-Renaudin (LPSC Grenoble; IN2P3-CNRS) (until 10:00) (Amphitéatre Charpak)
09:00 Top partners in VLQ models in CMS - Nicolas Bizot (IPNL)   (Amphitéatre Charpak)
09:20 Search for VLQ and 4 tops in ATLAS and CMS - Mr Thibault Chevalérias (CEA Saclay)   (Amphitéatre Charpak)
09:40 Discussions   (Amphitéatre Charpak)
Coffee break (until 10:30) (Amphitéatre Charpak)
HL-LHC - roberto chierici (ipnl) Dr jeremy andrea (IPHC) (until 12:00) (Amphitéatre Charpak)
10:30 Detector upgrade and performances (ATLAS) - Philippe schwemling (LPNHE-Paris/Universite Paris-7)   (Amphitéatre Charpak)
10:50 Detector upgrades and performances (CMS) - Daniel Bloch (IPHC Strasbourg)   (Amphitéatre Charpak)
11:10 Physics prospectives (ATLAS+CMS) - Dr Frédéric Déliot (CEA-Saclay)   (Amphitéatre Charpak)
11:30 Discussions   (Amphitéatre Charpak)
Introduction (until 14:30) (Amphitéatre Charpak)
14:00 Introduction to the workshop - Dr jeremy andrea (IPHC)   (Amphitéatre Charpak)
14:15 Welcome (local committee) - Frederic DERUE (LPNHE Paris) Benjamin Fuks (LPTHE Paris) Dr jeremy andrea (IPHC)   (Amphitéatre Charpak)
Modelling and SM -Dr jeremy andrea (IPHC) Frederic DERUE (LPNHE Paris) (until 16:00) (Amphitéatre Charpak)
14:30 Precise prediction for ttbar, ttV, tH, ttH, ... - Rikkert Frederix (University of Louvain)   (Amphitéatre Charpak)
14:50 ttbb: experimental results in ATLAS and CMS - Tom Neep (CEA Saclay)   (Amphitéatre Charpak)
15:10 measurement of the tZq cross section - Mr Nicolas Tonon (Université de Physique et Ingénierie de Strasbourg)   (Amphitéatre Charpak)
15:30 Discussions   (Amphitéatre Charpak)
16:00 --- Coffee break ---
Top and Higgs 1 -Dr Frédéric Déliot (CEA-Saclay) Lorenzo Feligioni (CPPM) (until 18:00) (Amphitéatre Charpak)
16:30 ttH multilepton: background estimation - Stylianos Angelidakis (LPC Clermont-Ferrand)   (Amphitéatre Charpak)
16:50 ttH multilepton: combination - Robert Wolff (CPPM, Aix-Marseille Université, CNRS/IN2P3 (FR))   (Amphitéatre Charpak)
17:10 Discussions   (Amphitéatre Charpak)
12:30 --- Lunch ---
Tools - Frederic DERUE (LPNHE Paris) Sabine Crépé-Renaudin (LPSC Grenoble; IN2P3-CNRS) (until 15:50) (Amphitéatre Charpak)
14:00 Satus of b-tagging in ATLAS and CMS - Alessandro Calandri (CPPM, Aix-Marseille Université, CNRS/IN2P3 (FR))   (Amphitéatre Charpak)
14:20 Matrix Element Method in ATLAS and CMS - Nicolas Chanon (IPNL)   (Amphitéatre Charpak)
14:40 Particle Flow algorithms in ATLAS and CMS - Colin Bernet (IPNL/IN2P3)   (Amphitéatre Charpak)
15:00 Boosted objects - Vincent Theeuwes (University of Gottingen)   (Amphitéatre Charpak)
15:20 Discussions   (Amphitéatre Charpak)
16:10 --- Coffee break ---
Top BSM2 - Sabine Crépé-Renaudin (LPSC Grenoble; IN2P3-CNRS) Benjamin Fuks (LPTHE Paris) (until 17:50) (Amphitéatre Charpak)
16:40 Search for tb resonance in ATLAS and CMS - Marija Marjanovic (LPC Clermont)   (Amphitéatre Charpak)
17:00 Search for ttbar resonance in ATLAS and CMS - Andrey Popov (Institut de Physique Nucléaire de Lyon)   (Amphitéatre Charpak)
17:20 Discussions   (Amphitéatre Charpak)
12:00 --- Lunch ---
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