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Weekly seminars

Status of the $B \to K^* \mu \mu$ anomaly and hints for violation of lepton flavour universality

par Peter Stangl (TUM)

Auditorium (Annecy-le-Vieux)



9 chemin de Bellevue 74940 ANNECY LE VIEUX
Taking into account the recent measurements of $B \to K^* \mu \mu$ angular observables by ATLAS and CMS as well as improved form factor predictions, we reanalyse the long standing tension in measurements of $b \to s\mu\mu$ observables. Using standard estimates of hadronic uncertainties, the tension is confirmed and no evidence for a $q^2$ or helicity dependence of the discrepancy is found. While hadronic effects cannot be excluded as the origin of this tension, a hadronic explanation would respect lepton flavour universality (LFU). We interpret hints for LFU violation from measurements of the LFU observables $R_K$ and $R_{K^*}$ and find them to be fully compatible with the assumption of a new physics explanation of the aforementioned tension.
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