Weekly seminars

Manifest for a gauge-free world

par Jose Mariano Gracia-Bondia (Departamento de Fisica Teorica - Universidad Zaragoza)

Auditorium (Annecy-le-Vieux)



9 chemin de Bellevue 74940 ANNECY LE VIEUX
This talk makes propaganda for string-local fields (introduced more than 12 years ago by Mund, Schroer and Yngvason, as free fields) in interaction, touting a few of their main advantages. String-local fields have always positive definite metric. They hold better ultraviolet behavior, irrespective of spin, than point-local fields. With them, Wigner's unbounded-helicity particles with Casimir values $P^2=0, W^2<0$ enter the realm of physics. In the construction of interactions, one basically trades off ''gauge invariance'' for a weaker locality and the principle of string independence. Perturbative calculations are performed without ever leaving the Hilbert-Fock space. Ghosts and other unphysical fields are not called for. Then string-local fields shed light on dark corners of the SM: why flavour dynamics is chiral (arXiv:1702.03383)? Where from the Higgs particle potential?
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