Weekly seminars

The global Higgs as a signal for compositeness at the LHC

par Sylvain Fichet (ICTP Sao Paolo)

Auditorium (Annecy-le-Vieux)



9 chemin de Bellevue 74940 ANNECY LE VIEUX
We consider scenarios of Higgs compositeness where the Higgs doublet arises as a pseudo-Nambu Goldstone boson. Our focus is the scalar (''radial'') excitation associated with the global symmetry breaking vacuum, which we dubbed the ''global Higgs''. We study the interactions of the global Higgs and show that in a wide class of Composite Higgs models its coupling to gluons can be sizable. Some LHC signatures of the global Higgs are then investigated, including decay channels into EW bosons, top quarks, and possibly boosted top partners.
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