FJPPL — Japan-France workshop on computing technologies for multidisciplinary science

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Fabio Hernandez (CC-IN2P3)

The goal of this workshop is to explore relevant technologies, exchange experience and share ideas among experts of both Japan and France organisations in several scientific domains. It is organized in the framework and with the sponsorship of the France-Japan Particle Physics Laboratory. The agenda of the previous workshop is here.

Instructions for speakers

As a speaker, you are kindly requested:

  • to upload the support of your presentation (slides, videos, documents, ...) on time, that is, not later than the time your presentation is scheduled to begin. After logging into Indico with your individual identifier, you will be able to fully manage your contribution, including attaching material to it.
  • to upload the slides of your presentations in PDF format. Additional formats are also accepted but please make sure at least a PDF version is provided.
  • to let the chairman know if the material of your presentation is to be protected. The agenda of the meeting will be publicly available and eventually indexed by web search engines. If this is a problem for you, please let the chairman know for setting access protections accordingly.
  • to allow part of the time allocated in your slot for questions and comments from the audience

Information for participants

This meeting is organized so that participants can attend partially and should feel free to attend only their talks of interest.

Annotated map of CC-IN2P3's area
CC-IN2P3 geo. coords - N 45.782709 , E 4.865241
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Social event venue
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  • Bertrand Rigaud
  • David Bouvet
  • Frédéric Azevedo
  • Ghita Rahal
  • Pierre-Emmanuel Brinette
  • Rachid Lemrani
  • Renaud Vernet
  • Sébastien Gadrat
  • Vanessa Hamar