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15-19 mai 2017
École normale supérieure de Lyon
Fuseau horaire Europe/Paris

Orientations and the combinatorics of planar maps

Non programmé
4h 30m
École normale supérieure de Lyon

École normale supérieure de Lyon

46, allée d’Italie Lyon 7ème


Marie Albenque


Orientations of planar maps have been introduced in the case of planar triangulations by Schnyder in the 60s and then generalized to all planar maps by Propp and Felsner. After defining the notion of orientations and giving some of their fundamental properties, I will show how they can be a powerful tool in the study of the combinatorics of planar maps by describing some bijections between maps and trees that relie strongly on the underlying natural orientations. Finally, I will describe how planar orientations can be generalized to higher genus.

Auteur principal

Marie Albenque (LIX, CNRS et École Polytechnique)

Documents de présentation

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