Dark Matter and Stars

Salle Panoramique (Tour Zamansky)

Salle Panoramique

Tour Zamansky

Campus Jussieu 4 Place Jussieu 75005 Paris

​This was an informal meeting on Dark Matter and Stars, i.e. everything that DM can do to astrophysical bodies (stars for short) and everything astrophysical bodies can teach us about DM (or constrain or hint to or...).

It consisted of a number of seminars from experts in the field. These seminars were at least partly pedagogical, aimed at an audience of people working in the field of Dark Matter, but not necessarily on these aspects. Ample time was also set aside for discussions. Speakers included: Christian Byrnes, Bernard Carr, Fabio Iocco, Chris Kouvaris, Ilidio Lopes, Julian Munoz, Ilia Musco, Pat Scott and Aaron Vincent.

This is the fourth in a series of mini-workshops held in the context of the activities of the ERC Starting Grant project: 'NewDark: New Directions in Dark Matter Phenomenology at the TeV Scale'. Support from the ERC is acknowledged. Previous mini-workshops covered Dark Matter searches at colliders, numerical simulations and axion theory and searches.

Participation was by invitation only. Organisers: Marco Cirelli (mcirelli at lpthe.jussieu.fr), Bradley Kavanagh (bkavanagh at lpthe.jussieu.fr) and Filippo Sala (fsala at lpthe.jussieu.fr).

Find below the full schedule, talk slides and some photos of the mini-workshop participants:

Photo of mini-workshop participantsPhoto of mini-workshop participants


Mini-workshop Photos
  • Aaron Vincent
  • Bernard Carr
  • Bradley Kavanagh
  • Chris Kouvaris
  • Christian Byrnes
  • Diego Redigolo
  • Elena Pinetti
  • Fabio Iocco
  • Filippo Sala
  • Ilia Musco
  • Ilidio Lopes
  • Joe Silk
  • Julia Harz
  • Julian Munoz
  • Kalliopi Petraki
  • Karim Benakli
  • Marco Cirelli
  • Marieke Postma
  • Mark Goodsell
  • Marta Volonteri
  • Nicolao Fornengo
  • Paolo Panci
  • Pat Scott
  • Robert Ziegler
  • Valerie Domcke