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13-16 juin 2016
Observatoire de Strasbourg
Fuseau horaire Europe/Paris

Scientific Rationale

We propose to address the following topics (a non-exhaustive list):

  • Overview: ULXs in X-rays and other wavelengths
  • Accretion disk theory and the launching of jets or winds 
  • Which ULXs have collimated jets?
  • Is SS 433 a ULX?
  • Jets/winds and their interaction with the ISM: observations
  • Jets/winds and their interaction with the ISM: theory
  • Radiative and mechanical feedback 
  • Ultra-soft ULXs
  • Transient ULXs
  • Optical/UV/IR counterparts: disks and donor stars
  • ULX populations: binary evolution, type of donor stars (main sequence or evolved?), duty cycles and timescales, clues from stellar populations and properties of the local ISM
  • Influence of metallicity on ULX populations 
  • Radio-loud and radio-quiet ULXs (compact and FRII-like extended emission; synchrotron bubbles)
  • Hyperluminous sources: a separate class of super-Eddington accretors, or true IMBHs?
  • Similarities and differences between super-critical accretion onto stellar-mass BHs and neutron stars
  • Latest XMM-Newton, Chandra, Swift and NuSTARS results
  • Future missions (eg Athena)
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