1-12 September 2016
Quy Nhon
Asia/Ho_Chi_Minh timezone

Scientific Programme

The 22nd VSOP will be devoted to particle physics. The lecture schedule foreseen includes:

  • Standard Model: 7 lectures (Aoife Bharucha, CPT, Marseille, France)
  • Higgs physics: 4 lectures (Dilip Kumar Ghosh, IACS, Kolkata, India)
  • LHC experiments: 7 lectures (Jonathan Butterworth, University College London, UK)
  • QCD and Monte Carlo: 7 lectures (Jean-Philippe Guillet, LAPTH, Annecy, France)
  • Beyond the Standard Model: 6 lectures (Koichi Hamaguchi, Tokyo U., Japan)
  • Dark matter: 6 lectures (Tim Tait, UC Irvine, USA)

Dedicated exercise sessions on each of these topics are expected. Each lecture lasts 90 minutes.