Séminaires LLR

Physics Program and Detector simulation at CEPC

by Manqi Ruan (LLR, Ecole polytechnique)

Seminar room (LLR)

Seminar room


Circular Electron Positron Collider (CEPC) is the future collider facility proposed by the Community of Chinese High Energy Physics. Installed in a tunnel with total circumference of at least 54 kilometre, CEPC will first be operated as a Higgs factory, produce 1M Higgs boson in extremely clean environment and perform precision measurement accordingly. In the second phase of operation, a proton collider with its center of mass energy of ~o(100TeV), Super Proton Proton Collider (SPPC), will be installed in the same tunnel. CEPC and SPPC will not only provide very precise measurement of the Higgs boson, but also reveal the physics at the energy scale much higher than EW scale.