Sep 28 – 29, 2015
Paris Diderot University
Europe/Paris timezone

Plans for the call for the next European Medium-class (M5) mission have been released by ESA:

The COrE+ workshop at APC on September 28-29 (two full days) is aimed at preparing the proposal to be submitted to ESA in answer to that call, discussing options for collaborations with international partners, and reviewing the key relevant scientific questions and technological developments.

The agenda include a discussion of the science case, of the mission concept, of the design of the instrument, and of work required to prepare the proposal as well as a set of corresponding papers that explore in depth some of the options and the scientific justification of a future mission.

The objective of the meeting is to review and discuss the context, the previous baseline, progress made since the M4 proposal, existing and upcoming technologies, possible collaborations, and to re-assess the science case and technical choices.

It also is to organize the work to prepare our M5 proposal and a set of supporting papers, and to discuss possible extensions to the baseline science case.

Paris Diderot University
Amphi Buffon
Rue Helene Brion 75013 Paris