11 avril 2016 à 15 juillet 2016
Institut Henri Poincaré
Fuseau horaire Europe/Paris


Ashoke Sen, Harish-Chandra Research Institute

Title: Do all BPS black hole states carry zero angular momentum?

Abstract: From the analysis of the near horizon geometry and supersymmetry algebra it has been argued that all the microstates of single centered BPS black holes with four unbroken supersymmetries carry zero angular momentum in the region of the moduli space where
the black hole description is valid. A stronger form of the conjecture would be that the result holds for any sufficiently generic point in the moduli space. We set out to test this conjecture for a class of black hole microstates in type II string theory on $T^6$, represented by four stacks of D-branes wrapped on various cycles of $T^6$. For this system the above conjecture translates to the statement that the moduli space of classical vacua must be a collection of points. Explicit analysis of systems carrying a low
number of D-branes supports this conjecture.


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