30-31 March 2015
IAP, Paris
Europe/Paris timezone

The 21 cm forest

30 Mar 2015, 14:55
Salle du Conseil (IAP, Paris)

Salle du Conseil

IAP, Paris

98 bis, Boulevard Arago 75014 Paris France


Dr benoit semelin (LERMA)


Detecting the 21 cm signal from the EoR not in absorption/emission against the CMB but in absorption against a bright background radio sources (radio-loud QSO) removes many observational difficulties such as foreground removal. It has the potential to probe much smaller scales than 21 cm tomography. Consequently it requires a more detailed modeling. I will present simulation results that show how the predicted 21cm optical depth is sensitive to a number of processes such as X-ray self-shielding, Ly-alpha self-shielding, and gravitational (shock) heating, that have been ignored or unresolved until now. I will also present rough evaluations of the detectability of the 21cm forest using SKA, LOFAR and NENUFAR, and conclude that detection with NENUFAR would require very favorable (unlikely ?) circumstances.

Primary author

Dr benoit semelin (LERMA)

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