30-31 March 2015
IAP, Paris
Europe/Paris timezone

Prospects for EoR and cosmic dawn observations with NenuFAR

30 Mar 2015, 14:15
Salle du Conseil (IAP, Paris)

Salle du Conseil

IAP, Paris

98 bis, Boulevard Arago 75014 Paris France


Anastasia Fialkov (ENS)


The redshifted 21-cm signal of neutral hydrogen, which at every cosmic epoch is strongly correlated to the state of the intergalactic medium and the intensity of radiative backgrounds, is expected to be a unique probe of the Universe at early times. In this talk I will, first, set up the stage, discussing the properties of the signal from the key cosmological epochs, which includes the Dark Ages, Cosmic Dawn and the first half of the Epoch of Reionization. I will then discuss the prospects for observing this signal with NenuFAR, a facility which has the potential to detect the 21-cm signal from the early Universe ($16 < z < 45$) for the very first time.

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