FJPPL-ATF2 Workshop

Salle des Sommets (LAPP)

Salle des Sommets


9 Chemin de Bellevue 74940 Annecy-le-Vieux FRANCE
Research on the Accelerator Test Facility 2 at KEK (Japan) is conducted at LAL (Orsay) and LAPP (Annecy-le-Vieux) in the context of the FJPPL "Toshiko Yuasa" and FKPPL Associated International Laboratories, in close collaboration with several Asian, European and American partners. This workshop is mainly dedicated to Goal 2 (stabilise the beam spot at the interaction point with a 1-2 nm precision using feedback). This meeting will be a follow-up of the 17th ATF2 Project meeting at KEK in February 2014 with discussions on recent progress, and preparation of a plan for short-term activities as well as an evolution in the coming years.
  • Andrea JEREMIE
  • Illia Khvastunov
  • Juergen Pfingstner
  • Nobuhiro Terunuma
  • Nuria Fuster
  • Okugi Toshiyuki
  • Oscar BLANCO
  • Philip Bambade
  • Philip Burrows
  • Shan Liu
  • Toshiaki Tauchi
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