Current capabilities for atmospheric monitoring

11 Jun 2013, 15:45
Galileo Room, Building 713C (CEA Saclay)

Galileo Room, Building 713C

CEA Saclay

Talk Interdisciplinary keynote Interdisciplinary keynote


Francois-Marie Breon Breon (CEA/LSCE)


This presentation will describe the various atmospheric monitoring techniques that may be of interest to the Atmohead community : • Temperature (density) profile of the atmosphere, from the surface and by satellite • Cloud cover and cloud parameters by satellite • Aerosol extinction profile by ground-based Lidar • Aerosol extinction profile by spaceborne Lidar • Aerosol scattering properties The author works in the climate / environment research field. The presentation and the subsequent discussion are intended to present what is currently available, but mostly to reach a better understanding of the Atmohead community needs, and identify potential collaborations between the communities.

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