Study and simulation of aerosols for the LSST photometric calibration

12 Jun 2013, 15:45
CEA Saclay

CEA Saclay

Talk Aerosols and interdisciplinary studies Wednesday afternoon 2


Mr Alexandre Boucaud (APC, université Paris 7 diderot)


The LSST is a 8m wide-field photometric telescope that will run at Cerro Pachón in Chile, starting in 2020. As part of the calibration of the 6 large photometric bands ugrizy, there is a need to monitor the atmospheric transmittance in time and across the field of view (~10 deg2). An auxiliary telescope with a spectrometer will be dedicated to that task, fitting an atmospheric model to the spectra of reference stars in the course of the night. The current model is based on template fitting and assumes the atmospheric absorption spectrum in the visible can be decomposed into the physical contribution of its main constituents: Rayleigh scattering, molecular absorption from water vapor, ozone, oxygen and others, Mie diffusion from the aerosols and cloud extinction. In order to test the validity of that model, we have gathered data on these several constituents in the region and made an attempt to realistically simulate their long term variations. In this talk I will present specifically the study and simulation of aerosols.

Primary author

Mr Alexandre Boucaud (APC, université Paris 7 diderot)

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