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20-24 mai 2013
Europe/Paris timezone
1973 - 2013
Scientific program


To allow for proper consideration, the abstracts for the proposed talks should be sent before April 20 to a member of the program committee.

Scientific Committee

  • for talks related to QCD and photons at high energy, jets, quarkonia and heavy flavours :
  • for talks related to Higgs and photons, electroweak interactions and physics beyond the standard model
  • for talks related to Small x, diffraction, and total cross section
  • for talks related to exclusive channels and resonances
  • for talks related to low-energy photon experiments, vacuum polarisation and light-by-light scattering
  • for talks related to photons in astroparticle physics
  • for talks related to photon collider prospects, new acceleration techniques and future accelerators
  • for talks related to g-2 related topics