AnLy Strings & Fields seminar

Arthur Hebecker - Loop Blowup Inflation

by Prof. Arthur Hebecker (Heidelberg University)



Abstract: I will discuss a new, simple model of inflation in string theory. The role of the inflaton is played by a blowup modulus of a type IIB Calabi-Yau compactification. I will start by recalling that, in the Large Volume Scenario of moduli stabilization, such a modulus can remain unstabilized at leading order. This observation has given rise to the proposal of Blowup Inflation. However, as I will explain, loop corrections are generically present and too large to allow for slow roll. Our proposal employs this setting in a new regime, where the value of the blowup modulus is much larger and slow-roll can hence be realized. A detailed analysis, based on the explicitly known form of loop corrections in this specific geometry, reveals that observational and consistency constraints can be met and interesting predictions for inflationary and late-time cosmological observables are possible.

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