Focus group 1 call - Software collection


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Follow up of progress meeting discussion:

Metadata handling

  • add a mybinder environment indicator?
    • should try for automatic detection of environment
    • generates additional metadata on the fly, feedback to owner of project
    • basic metadata needs to be provided by the participants -> codemeta
    • specific information on entry can be generated by individual call
    • TODO: clarify if metadata (registry) entry is needed or by-entry check is enough? @Thomas
    • optional entry in the codemeta. TODO: where to put in codemeta? proposal: use mybinder-URL? -> use next FG1 slot
  • add mime type for data formats

Onboarding procedure for "trusted partners"

  • improve link to HEP Software Foundation and other partners (e.g. also other partners)
  • Integration options to OSSR: Search possible in OSSR library
  • codemeta: not enforced, but used for additional interoperability
  • TODO: Identify "trusted partners" and criteria for inclusion - list @Jutta

clarify what products from which communities should or can be added

updating the eossr library to the defined needs


Some communities to look at:

  • inspire:
  • HSF:
  • Rubin (LSST):
  • CTAO:
  • LIGO/Virgo/KAGRA:
  • CERN openlab:
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