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Topic: ESCAPE Technical Coordination

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Meeting Notes


Ian Bird, Marco Molinaro, Mohammed Al-Turany, John Swinbank, Martino Romaniello, Rosie Bolton, Thomas Vuillame, Stephen Serjeant, Hugh Dickinson, Kay Graf, Jutta Schnabel,

Apologies: Mark Allen, Xavier Espinal

WP2 (Rosie): DAC21 now fixed for week of 22-26 Nov

WP4 (Marco): next steps planned as noted in the GA meetings.

Upcoming meetings relevant to WP4: ADASS, and IVOA where they are doing tutorials and BoF sessions; Also EU  Data Providers workshop coming up; Also preparing for the VO school in February.

It was noted that the metadata discussion will be important

CTA - preparations for DAC21 ongoing, finalising use cases and tests, also setting up CTA instances; no problems so far.

ESO - agree that metadata needs attention even if not solved during ESCAPE.;  They have provided a detailed write up for ESAP use cases.  Note that science platforms (liek ESAP) is on the radar of their User Committee (e.g. code to data) - so ESO would like to understand ESAP timelines to inform that community.  

  • 1 person funded by ESCAPE is leaving, leaving 6 PM not easily used.

FAIR - will be in DAC21 with 2 experiments (perhaps 3), and will make use of the WP2 DL.  They are also onboarding a nuclear physics experiment into WP3, gives a connection to the National German project using ESCAPE tools; then will be open to other Helmholtz institutes/experiments.

LHC - main focus is on DAC21 preparations (apologised that CMS missed a scheduled discussion), but the use cases are well defined.

KM3Net - workflows now connected to WP2 for DAC21; development progress of a high energy data format common to KM3Net and CTA with the collaboration of WP4.

SKA - most focus is on DAC21.  Note that we should discuss the end of ESCAPE funding and that some organisations may not have much effort available in the final months of the project.  Important for support of tools, deliverables etc.

Martino asked the relative importance of a common data platform for the 2 TSPs.  For EU sharing data on same platform is a clearer use case that for the DM projects (something to raise in the TSP meeting).

Top priorities for discussion in future meetings (from GA discussion days):

  • Sustainability of ESCAPE products & services (& operation) after end of the project (even before as funding runs out in some cases)
  • Integration of DL with other infrastructures - IVOA in particular, but other end-points like B2Find, EGI, Globus, iRods, etc.
  • ...
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    • 10:00 AM 10:10 AM
      Introduction 10m
      Speaker: Ian Bird (LAPP)
      • Lots of useful discussions at the E-EB discussion and GA progress meeting
      • I have condensed main points from the slack discussions (see attached), transcripts attached to EEB meeting
        • Please look and comment, add points etc.
      • Several of these should be discussions that we have in near future coordination meetings
        • I will propose a schedule for some of these - but feel free to indicate which you see as important


    • 10:10 AM 10:20 AM
      TSP update 10m
      • DM had a meeting last week to welcome new post-docs, and to start work on planning
      • Will be a general TSP meeting next week - will send the invitation today
      • We need to progress on:
        • Few high level milestones per sub-project & for main ESCAPE tools
        • Produce/summarise first estimate of resource needs (discuss next week); will be a spreadsheet to try and get input


    • 10:20 AM 10:30 AM
      Use cases 10m

      How to manage additional use cases, including longer term

      Speaker: Ian Bird (LAPP)
    • 10:30 AM 10:55 AM
      Round Table 25m
      • WP2 2m
        Speaker: Xavier Espinal (CERN)
      • WP3 2m
        Speaker: Kay Graf (ECAP - University of Erlangen)

        Follow up of progress meeting discussion:

        • continuation of onboarding activities
        • metadata handling:
          • add an mybinder environment 
          • add mime type for data formats
        • clarify the onboarding procedure and allow for "trusted partners" with lightweight onboarding
          • improve link to HEP Software Foundation
        • clarify what products from which communities should or can be added
        • updating the eossr library to the defined needs
      • WP4 2m
        Speaker: Mark Allen (CDS/CNRS)
      • WP5 2m
        Speaker: John Swinbank (ASTRON)
        • Generic VO-search re-enabled in ESAP codebase, and exposed on test instance at
          • This is not the finished story, but provides a basic two-stage search capability as discussed at the EED last month.
          • Thanks to WP4, and especially Dave Morris, for input.
        • Lots of discussion in WP5 about what it means to execute software from the OSSR. Hoping to make concrete proposals within the next couple of weeks.
      • WP6 2m
        Speaker: Prof. Stephen Serjeant (The Open University)
      • CTA 2m
        Speaker: Dr Matthias Fuessling (CTAO gGmbH)
      • EGO 2m
        Speaker: Antonella Bozzi
      • ESO 2m
        Speaker: Dr Martino Romaniello (ESO)
        • The question on how to handle metadata in front of the Data Lake is indeed a crucial one. I am very glad that it emerged with the appropriate focus at the GA/technical discussion as captured in the notes here.
        • We have provided to WP5/ESAP use cases for the Science Platform. It is understood that not all of them can be implemented within ESCAPE, but it is very useful to have a discussion now on what are the priorities and what is reasonable to expect. Also, considering a Science Platform for ESO was a recommendation from our latest Users Committee, which is another reason to understand better the interplay with ESAP, also timewise.
        • The person we had at ESO funded by ESCAPE has resigned. We'll need to see if and how the remaining funding can be used.
      • EST 2m
        Speaker: Nazaret Bello Gonzalez
      • FAIR 2m
        Speaker: Mohammad Al-Turany (CERN)
      • HL-LHC 2m
        Speakers: Daniele Spiga (infn) , Daniele Spiga (INFN-Perugia)
      • Jive 2m
        Speaker: harro verkouter (Joint Institute for VLBI ERIC)
      • KM3Net 2m
        Speakers: Jutta Schnabel (FAU Erlangen (ECAP)) , Dr Kay Graf (ECAP - University of Erlangen)
        • Picked up working in WP2 and DAC21 (use cases presented in biweekly meeting)
        • involvement in discussion on high-energy data format with CEVO & CTA intensified
      • SKA 2m
        Speaker: Rosie Bolton (Square Kilometre Array Organisation)
    • 10:55 AM 10:56 AM
      AOB 1m
      • Next meeting ?

      • Items for future agendas