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Meeting ID: 863 5651 9787

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    • 4:00 PM 5:00 PM
      Discussion 1h

      WP3 Follow-up:

      • Stelios has incorporated the eossr library; Gareth is testing it; a few bugs, but nothing major so far. Very happy with how well it works.
      • Stelios is happy to try adding one of the example notebooks to the Zenodo Sandbox.
      • Aard can also onboard a EVN notebook.
      • GammaPy is also part way through onboarding.
      • John to take containerization as an action to talk to Stefano.

      Table round:

      • Harro has nothing to report because Aard does all the good work.
      • Aard:
        • BinderHub set up at JIVE.
        • Next step is to integrate that with ESAP.
        • Port to this system is block by Hugh's university firewall; migrating to HTTPS might help.
      • James:
        • Would like to register SDC1 solution to OSSR; we can take this up at the extended discussion next week.
        • And we should get the SKAO BinderHub registered to the ASTRON ESAP.
        • Needs some debugging regarding GitLab links.
      • Sara:
        • No news to report.
        • Working on containerization of the LOFAR pipeline.
      • Hugh:
        • Has hired his replacement!
        • Expected to start mid-October.
        • Planning to continue to work with Citizen Science data from Zooniverse within ESCAPE.
        • And using ESCAPE data to build new CS projects.
      • Stelios:
        • Nothing except the above.
        • Will be off from Wednesday until Monday of next week.
      • Gareth:
        • Adding eossr for the main-page Zenodo search.
        • Looking for anybody with an X509 cert, an IAM account, and a couple of hours per week to help with DIRAC.
        • Hugh will look into helping with this.
        • And John will try and figure out the process for getting X509 certs in NL.