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Meeting ID: 863 5651 9787

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      Discussion 1h

      Zenodo Archive Merge

      Gareth has produced code for including Zenodo results in the escape2020 category in the same way as results for other archives in ESAP. This category includes a variety of software, documents, etc.

      This is currently awaiting merge to ESAP.

      We agreed that this provides a useful capability, and is broadly complementary to OSSR-specific search capabilities which may also use Zenodo.

      We discussed extending the interface, so that instead of simply listing everything in the escape2020 community it enables searching/filtering by the user. We agreed this would be a nice-to-have-someday, but we should not block the current merge.

      Nico will go ahead and merge this work.

      GitLab Issue:

      Table Round


      • Reminder of WP3-WP5 meeting on 15 September.
      • Reminder of GA on 28 & 29 September. Please try to attend on the 28th if you can. Suggestions of material to cover to me, please.


      • Solved the “CORS” issue.
        • Turns out it wasn't really CORS at all.
        • Some tidying up still needed.
        • GitLab issue:


      • Met with Yan, Dave, etc to discuss Rucio/VOSpace integration.
        • Still at the brainstorming stage.
        • At both Trieste and Edinburgh work is in progress to install VOSpace instances. The use case is interoperability of data exchanging between data centers. Work is in progress to update the IVOA-SSO recommendation to better specify interoperability requirements. At present it includes generically: No Authentication; HTTP Basic Authentication; TLS with passwords; TLS with client certificates; Cookies; Open Authentication; Security Assertion Markup Language; OpenID

      • Interested in software metadata for WP3 integration.


      • Discussion of the IDA integration: given Gareth's work and the discussion above, should we move towards an “archive-like” model for IDA, rather than the current drop down?
        • General consensus is that this is a good idea, but the UI would have to be designed carefully to avoid confusing users.
        • Also that we shouldn't block Stelios' current work in favour of this: go ahead and merge a “drop-down” which talks to OSSR, then worry future iterations on the UI.
      • Discussions on what happens to the existing test notebooks when we move to OSSR-queries.
        • Should emphasize to WP3 that we will always need to be able to publish “test” notebooks without a heavyweight process.
        • But also, we agreed that we should maintain the functionality of configuring specific notebooks for publishing locally (ie, as we do now) in addition to syncing with OSSR.


      • Still chasing a certificate.
      • Working on a DIRAC + ESAP container.
        • This would provide an ESAP environment in which one can import the relevant libraries to communicate with DIRAC.
        • This is necessary since DIRAC deprecated their REST API and expect all communication to be through their RPC system.
        • Will be looking for testers soon!


      • Focused on EVN JupyterHub.
      • Aard making progress with BinderHub.


      • Working with Yan on a vision for ESAP-VO integration.
      • Progress on the use of OIDC tokens within the VO. Harro/JIVE very interested!