Réunion DUNE-IN2P3 du 9/06/21


Jaime Dawson, Dominique Duchesneau, Dario Autiero, Alessandra Tonazzo, Andrés Muñoz, Elisabetta Pennacchio, Fabien Cavalier, Jean Seabstien Real, Joshua Pinchault, Laurent Simard, 
Pablo Kunzé, Sabrina Sacerdotti,  Konstantin Shchablo, Slavic Galymov
excused: Laurent V, Thomas P, Laura Z

--news -- Dario

discussion with SPSC referees 7/6
in general, happy with progress and supportive

Internal CDR reviews for VD subcomponents continuing

Dual-Phase - inspection of HV extender has localised damage. Pictures shown. Burn mark seen on extender material (underneath 2nd ring), suggests problem with fiber material orientation (manufacturing error?).

       - Dominique - will go inside the cryostat before and after scafolding moved to check the CRP visually.

       - modifications to NP02 configuration for 2021 run.
         Special hanging system foreseen to be added to test 'dyneema' cables under weight in cold. 
         Field cage to be modified one one side to increase transparency and ARAPUCA installed on membrane walls. 
             Filling will occur in August (6 weeks to fill). After HV tests, assuming all goes well, operation in October.
- Definition of Module 0 progressing. 

- preparation for cold box (Jaime asks about calendar). 
  -- September- components must be received in order to complete the first CRP assembly
  -- Filippo in contact with David Rivera for PDS, should receive info through PD consortium.

Round table

-- APC Jaime, Sabrina
   PhD closing date 10 June.
   Neutrino reconstruction efficiency results from Etienne, should be able to show something next week.
   Hardware - PCB being printed, to be populated quickly. Two boards - one for test, and a second destined to be sent to Fermilab for testing.  Prototype SiPM ganging board just arrived from Fermilab.  Long fibers being tested in LN2.  Good results on loss over fibers, connections, and linearity of laser and driver.

IJClab Fabien
Issue with cathode component production. There was a mistake with the production of the glass fiber composite, unsure on mechanical properties that will be obtained. Will check the properties to see if can still be used. Another production can be made, end of July, but factory closes during August so risk of delay. Integration beginning in October, so timing is tight (no more margin).

HV review (consortium HV) next week.

Grenoble  Jean-Sebastien 

IP2I Dario
Details given in kick-off meeting

LAPP - Dominique
Most of the mechanical components for the first CRP prototype have been ordered
The PEEK axes and spacers to attach the anode sandwich & adapter board to the composite frame ordered. Should arrive July.
Metallic frame drawing finalised. Order to follow.
Clean room at CERN - ATLAS will clean up this week. They will leave some material in 20% of volume. Not a problem. Should have enough space for construction of CRP, and leave space for IJCLab construction.  Alternative option is to use clean room of NP04, but a lot of material in there.. 

Pablo will present his analysis results soon.

Oliver Lantwin, postdoc, introduced. He will participe in the Vertical TPC prototype, online reco software with Laura, track reconstruction etc..

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    • 10:00 10:10
      Nouvelles récentes du projet 10m
      Speaker: Dario Autiero (IPNL)
    • 10:10 10:25
      Quelques 'highlights' côté activités des labos 15m
      Speaker: Tour de table
    • 10:25 10:40
      Chapitre choisi côté technique (TBD) 15m
    • 10:40 10:55
      Morceaux choisis sur analyse: tbd 15m
    • 10:55 11:00
      A.O.B. 5m