Séminaires LAPP

Test of Lepton Flavour universality : status, challenges and prospects

by Renato Quagliani (EPFL)

Auditorium Marcel Vivargent

Auditorium Marcel Vivargent



Since the Standard Model was completed with the discovery of the Higgs Boson, we have faced a contradiction. It is at the same time a coherent and remarkably accurate theory of nature, and still, because of its inability to explain dark matter and the origin of matter-antimatter asymmetry in the universe, it cannot be the final theory of microscopic interactions. The universality of lepton couplings to the Electroweak interaction is one of the Standard Model’s most striking accidental symmetries, and allows indirect searches for new particles beyond the TeV scale with negligible theoretical uncertainties. In recent years, measurements by the LHCb collaboration have hinted at a possible breaking of lepton universality in b->sll transitions, potentially opening a window onto physics which lies beyond the Standard Model. I will cover the status and prospects of lepton universality tests at LHCb, focusing on the experimental challenges and techniques of these measurements and their interpretation in a global effective field theory context. I will also cover future prospects from LHCb, CMS&ATLAS, and Belle 2, as well as from new angular observables which will become accessible with more data.